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If You Knew York
by Gregory DeCandia
Edited by Kate Brennan
Transcription by Patricia Brennan


Directed by Gregory DeCandia
A digital adaptation of "elevated thoughts: 100 shadormas at 9,000 ft." by Kate Brennan
Illustrations by Corinne Prudente 

Silhouettes Of Service

Creator/Performer Gregory DeCandia

SHOWS: Cumberland County College, UNC-Chapel Hill,

North Carolina History Museum, OK Contemporary

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 11.57.45


A New Play by Gregory DeCandia

In-process Act I read @ the National Winter

Playwrights Retreat In Creed, CO January 2019

Ignition Arts digital workshop November 2020

Postcard FRONT HUNG Design-Oz Dubon.jpg

Hung on a Blonde Ponytail

Book & Lyrics by Gregory DeCandia

Music by Joseph Horak

SHOWS: Society Hill Playhouse, 2007 Philly Fringe Festival, Canton Exposition (GUATE)

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